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Issues with parcel delivery have always existed, but the discussion has recently boomed when the number of unpleasant situations increased and complaints became more and more visible (thank you, social media).

The Other Option Now

On the one hand, the owners of the courier companies complain about the infrastructure, the lack of personnel and the decrease of the average speed with which the cars circulate in the cities. On the other hand, they try to modernize the services offered by implementing the card payment to the courier, for example. As for crowded cities, a scooter supply would be a variant, but this option may not be the most appropriate because of the limited transport possibilities. For the cheapest way to send parcel to usa this is important now.

  • Until the improvement of road infrastructure in USA and the modernization of courier systems, online shoppers need to be patient and take a significant amount of time to deliver their ordered products, especially if they are planning to offer them a gift.
  • Considering that in case of delays in the delivery of the ordered products, the National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications recommends that the clients address the traders (those who have the obligation to ensure that each order reaches the recipient within the specified time limit), you have the interest to choose a professional courier service to help your business and not reduce your sales.
  • So, until apps that allow ordinary people to become occasional couriers (and be paid for it) become routine, there are a few important things to consider as an online merchant when choosing your courier. Before signing a contract with a courier company, he puts the answer to the following questions on paper. From ParcelABC you will have the best support.

First of all, you’d better figure out what your client’s typology looks like. Where he lives? Predominantly urban or rural? Most are from Bucharest or the rest of the country? Depending on this, the rates of courier companies are also set, so you can calculate whether or not it is efficient to use a specialized company or postal services, for example.

What products are you selling?

If you are a premium, you should have a good or very good delivery service (timely delivery, opening the package, telephone in advance, etc.). If they are not premium, it may also fit a lower quality service, but with a low shipping cost.

What weight do your products have? It is an important factor affecting delivery. Do you need a low-priced courier per kilogram?

If you are in a bordering area, what are the couriers who did not cost / extra km to you?

In the negotiation with the courier you have to point very well both the number of packages you are delivering today and the potential for growth in the near future and in the medium term. If the number of packages you are delivering now does not help you get a good cost, insist on the potential. A lot.

Check them, check them out, and check them out. Even if you have great confidence in them, it’s important to check them regularly and make sure all your parcels have arrived, because you are the person responsible for that in the end.


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