Common Mistakes in Internet Logo Designs

A logo design is important for a company’s worth. For that instance, we have decided to right a full article highlighting the mistakes that are made while designing logos.

1. Internet Logo design by an Amateur:

Many times logo designs are opted to be designed by unprofessional people. Some examples are:

2. Fashion fades:

Companies often ask their designers to design logos that they feel are like the designs of the competing companies of the industry. However, we would like to tell all those companies that, sticking with fashion is damaging to the company. Because fashions come and go, but the logo designs do not fade as rapidly. So, a design should be made in a way so that it can stick to the company for years and does not fade with fashion.

3. Do as client says:

Many times, designers try to add their own creativity to the concepts that the clients ask them to design. These designers should know that designing a design is not for them. However, it is for a company that needs recognition and it would be better for them to follow the advice of clients to skip revisions in internet designs.

4. Do not rely on Colors:

Many logo designers do a major mistake of relying on colors rather than the creativity in designs. It’s not bad to rely on colors but creativity in a design can only be seen if the logo is made creative using the shape and the structure. Moreover, when the is printed in black and white the colors will not play any role in making it appeal to public. Therefore, logo designers out there should stay cautious of the they design.

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